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After a few months of silence I’m back! It’s been a lovely few months here in Orkney, and it seems like I haven’t had a moment to stand still. In between painting, teaching, weaving and drawing, it’s left little time to attend to my blog! I thought that this exhibition would be a good point to catch up, and finally keep on top of regular blog posts.

A few months ago, I was asked by Sarah from The Edition, to make six pieces of work for their upcoming coastal themed show ‘By The River and the Sea’. The Edition are an online gallery, specialising in smaller, original works for £300 or less. They are one of my favourite contemporary galleries, always bringing together some of my favourite artists, in curated, sensational shows. It was such a joy to be asked, and I immediately set about planning the works that I was going to submit.

We’re so spoilt here in Orkney for landscape, so it made deciding which coastal scenes to paint a tough decision. The other deciding factor was, of course, the weather. The wind is so strong here that it’s sometimes difficult to stand up. Luckily Jack (willing boyfriend!) was willing to drive me to different locations, so we could start to discover some of the best viewing points in Orkney, and I could draw from the comfort of the car!

One of my favourite locations was Swannay Loch. There was a tiny grass verge at the side of the road (some might call it a car park…) which looked right across the loch to the farm buildings surrounding it. Despite its sheltered location nestled in the hills, it was completely wild! After stopping at several other places (see the sketches below!) I took home my drawings, and set to work painting!

Here are the resultant paintings that I made for The Edition. To have a look in more detail, visit

To wrap up this long overdue blog post, here’s my favourite quote from Sarah, about what inspired her to start The Edition, which completely resonated with me.

The initial seed for this endeavour was sown some years ago when I read an article about a modest man who saved a small amount from his monthly salary to purchase little pieces of art from artists of the time. He couldn’t afford much but his genuine love for original work enthused him to approach an artist for a sketch and a signature.

This true account sparked something within me, reinforcing my own interest in owning original work, and it was only when I began a blog on promoting creative people last year that I realised I could perhaps execute a space where one could purchase original pieces at a price that hopefully more could support.


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I graduated from Newcastle University in 2018, with a degree in Fine Art. I went on to train as a weaver in Orkney, and now teach weaving workshops at Orkney Creative Hub. I am a painter and have my own business, The Orkney Cloth Company.

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